Tag to Filename: Track Number Issue

I seem to be having an issue with the Tag to Filename function. I want to rename the files by number and title, but using the command "%track%" gives me the track number and the total number of songs on the album. So what should be "01 - Title" is "112 - Title". I worked around it with "$num(%track%,2) - %title%" but I never had to do that before. The only thing that I know of that changed was iTunes updated (v, so I don't know it they changed the ID3 versions or settings or something. I just know every song I try it on has the problem.

Did you have a look at the value of the Track-Tag in MP3Tag?
Probably it looks like 1/12.

Yes, that is what it looked like. I don't recall seeing it like that before, I remember just seeing the track number.

Well, MP3Tag can only show and handle whats actually in your tags.
Possible that you used the auto-numbering wizard of MP3Tag and enabled "Save total count of tracks".

You don't have an issue with the Tag-Filename fucntion.

You can change the values of your track-tag with MP3Tag if you want.

That makes perfect sense, but I would think that the function would be able infer what number to use for %track%, since it displays the 1/12 and knows what that means. Perhaps some like %tracknumber% needs to be added.

I have never heard of that feature and I don't think I have every used it. The most I do with Mp3tag is edit the basic tags and rename files. Is there a way to disable it or undo what it did?

A lot of people (like me) like to have a combination of the tracknumber and the totaltracks of a disk or of an album in the Track-Tag. I cannot see any problem with this and obviously you don't have a problem either because yopu know how to handle the value of %track% with $num(%track%,2), if you want to name a file only with the tracknumber.

It is not easy to oversee: Tools/Auto-numbering wizard

If you really don't like this you can easyly change your Track-Tag with an action or Convert Tag/Tag.
Field: TRACK
Format String: $num(%track%,2)