Tag to folder name

Hi friends:

I need your help, I have been looking in the support forum and I didn't found any topic that could help me.

The thing is, I got 52 foleders like this:


The file is like this:

01-01 Kokomo Arnold - Backfence Picket Blues.flac

And the Tags are like this:

%discnumber%-%track% %artist% - %title%

All the files are the same.

I want to put the folders like this:


Any suggestion for this?

I am sure that is so easy but not for me.

Thanks for your help, and Happy New Year 2015.

From Spain, David.

If you have no extra album folder as parent-directory,

Define an action:

Action-type: Format Value
Format String: %discnumber%


Thanks alot!!!!!!!

You help me alot.

Also with your help I understand a little more how to use this wonderful program.


Now my question is the next, maybe I should write in other post?

Is Folder name to Tag

The folder name is:

Artist - Year - Album

Neil Young -2014 - Storytone (Deluxe Edition)

How to do an Action to add that information to the TAG?

Thanks for your time.



Use the function Convert>Filename-Tag and the mask:
%Artist% - %Year% - %Album%\%dummy%

Hi, thanks so much for your help.

That help me alot.

Yours, David.