Tag to foldername

hey there,

I tried to rename my folders, using the tags of my mp3s following the FAQ: Converters to rename files or to import tags

Unfortunately I am using Mp3-Tag on a Mac and I think I got something wrong with the absolute filepath, resulting in the deletion of my mp3s :slight_smile: (no prob, I got a backup)

Maybe you can help me, in what way to put mac-wise in the absolute part of the path? (on the PC it always starts with the C:, or similar, but not on the mac I guess..)


It's basically outlined at Create Folder Structures based on Tags in the Mac Documentation.

You can use /Users/YourUserName/Some/Other/Folders/ as absolute path or ~/Some/Other/Folders/ as path relative to your home directory.

If you only want to rename an existing folder, you can also use an action Format tag field for field _DIRECTORY, but I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.

Can you share how you think you've deleted the files?

Hey Florian,

thanks for your quick reply.

I did something like a "Format value" action with "_Filename" and then the string:
\Volumes\Stoobz Media Storage\Stoobz_Mp3s\Chill%Artist% - %Year% - %Album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%
(stoobz media storage is my external hard drive)

After that all the folders (with their original naming) were still there, but empty. And a search of my whole mac for the mp3s didn´t return any results..

I just want to name my album-folders like this: %Artist% - %Year% - %Album%

and there is one more question about the string:
I tagged my files, so that in the album slot it shows first the artist and then the album, this was, because it is way more comfortable like this on my old iPod.
So if I want to achieve the above mentioned naming of the album-folders, how would I put it in the string, that the outcome doesn´t show the artist in the %album% again?

Thanks for any help in advance!!

I think that the syntax for folder and filenames on a Mac uses the forward slash / - just as shown in

I don't know what happens if you use the backslash .

Before you apply the action, check the format string in Converter>Tag-Filename and see whether it does what it should do.

Hey Ohrenkino,

thanks for the advice.
I played around a bit more and finally got it to work by copying the path, which is shown in the Directory-SLot. The working string looks like this:

Z:\Volumes\Stoobz Media Storage\Stoobz_Mp3s%Genre%%Artist% - %Year% - %Album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Oh I just realized, it doesn´t show all the back slashes, I don´t know why...

And can you please point me in the right direction regarding my second problem? Whereas the artist is within the album tag? How do I tackle this? My idea would be something like %* - album%, but it´s clear, that it´s not working. So how can I get rid of any string which end on " - " before the actual name of the album?

Thanks again!!

In a way, I am stumped. Are we dealing with a native Mac environment? Then I am pretty sure that a path with z:\.... must lead to syntax errors.

To split fields: Try an action of the type "Import tag fields"
Source: %album%
Target string: %artist% - %album%
or, if you want to remove the artist part altogether:
Target string: %dummy% - %album%

And a hint on this forum formatter: enclose code-like strings in accent grave (top left to bottom right). Like that you should see all the backslashes.

This usually indicates a Wine-based install either on macOS or Linux. Would have been helpful to know this from the beginning.

If you try to rename folders then do not use Converter>Tag-Filename but use Converter>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY.
Specify an absolute path but leave out the filename part ... unless you do not want to rename the folders but distribute individual files across the file system. Then Converter>Tag-Filename would be correct, also with a full path but this time plus the filename part.