Tag to tag conversion? Missing Action Groups?

Because of this fabulous piece of software, I can finally organize my audio book collection. Yay! Thanks so much!

I am trying to achieve "Convert tag to tag", so that I can e.g. put
"%track% - - %title%" into "%title%" field.

I came across this post /t/6598/1 whose solution I would like to try, but I don't seem to have the appropriate action group. All that shows for me under
Convert->Action are the following
Case Conversion

Am I missing some action groups (specifically the ones allowing me to perform regular expression operations)?

How else can I try to achieve what I desire without going through a text file?

Would "convert tag to tag" not be a nice feature to add in the future?

Thanks so much for your help, everyone!

You must create your own action group, these are just some pre configured ones.

Dear Dano,

thank you so much for your quick reply. It was helpful and pushed me to explore further in the right direction.

I have figured it out: What was unclear is that you have to first create an ActionGroup (Convert->Actions: [CreateNewButton]). Then, when the next screen appears, you have to then populate it with Actions by clicking the [CreateNewButton] on that screen. Once you do that, a whole list of possible action types appears, and you can take it from there. One ActionGroup can contain several Actions (as the name suggests).

This was not too clear to me just from the documentation.

It's just wonderful. I was able to use regular expressions, etc. very effectively. I just love it! :smiley:

Thanks a million!