Tag Track Numbers with Double Digits


I would like to see an option to Tag Track Numbers with Double Digits. For example "01, 02, 03" rather than "1, 2, 3,".

Also, A way to retag track numbers that appear "1/11, 2/11, 2/11" to "01, 02, 03,"

Has anyone else encountered a need for this?



Please use the Search function the next time, please. This has been aswered several times already.


My bad. thanks for the help. I was scrolling through should have used the search function.

Thanks for the program. Most flexible tagging program out there. It has made my life much easier!



is it possible to "condition" that replace? Something like
if ( %track% is not Null ) etc. etc. ?



What should happen if the number is null?

The following will use $num(%track%,2) if the number is not equal 0.