tag types and duplicate genres


hello all,

i have searched through the FAQ and forums and hope I didn't miss anything!

i am trying to really tighten up my MP3 collection and have been adding "Genre" tags to my existing files. The problem is that i am getting some duplicate genre tags, especially with capitalization.

for example, i "saved" tags (within MP3Tag) of an album as "samba velha" (without caps). then i realized i wanted caps, so I resaved the entire album as "Samba Velha".

Now, when I browse the music collection, I see two genres, "samba velha" and "Samba Velha"! its not the end of the world, but its bothering my OCD self :flushed:

Does anyone know what might have happened here, and how to fix it? Do I strip all tags, then rewrite? Is Mp3tag not removing/overwriting tag types (my options menu has it set to write ID3v1 and ID3v2 2.3, and to remove all three types). for the record, i'm playing music on foobar2000 and on my android, on both winamp and "playerpro". all are displaying the same isue.

Thanks much!


It would have been interesting to see how you added these tags - because this "adding" could have resulted in two genre tags.
Now then.
First of all I would try to find out which tracks actually have two genre tags.
Try a filter
NOT $meta(genre,1) IS ""
also I would add two columns in the files list, one with the contents of $meta(genre,1) and one with $meta(genre,0) to see where the differences are.
If you see that these genres only differ in capitals, the you can safely delete one of them.
Finally, apply a user-defined action on genre to change the capitals to "normal".


It sounds like a sort of misusing, or better to say, unwanted use of a special feature, known as multi-value tag-field, also supported by Mp3tag.

One way to remove one value from a multi-value GENRE tag field can be ...
Select all files with the same multi-value GENRE content.
Open the Dialog "Extended Tags...".
Remove the unwanted GENRE entry from the Metadata list.
Leave the wanted GENRE entry untouched.
Close the dialog by pressing the button OK.



Hi guys,
thanks for the quick replies! I had originally added the genre (and renamed) through the basic tag sidebar on the left.

Now, when I select all and go to extended tags, I still see only one genre, not 2. That is, there's only the latest capitalized revision! So why do my databases show all two?



Yes, using the Tag Panel's GENRE edit field in its simplest way should not create a multi-value tag-field.
But when filling the GENRE edit field with something like "SAMBA\\samba" and it will be saved, then this will create a multi-value GENRE tag-field with two values "SAMBA" and "samba".

The content of the databases might have to be refreshed, after external changes to the file, by re-reading the tag-field content from the file.

For sure:
What Tag Types are involved in these files, which have the "issue" of double GENRE tag-fields?
Which is the active Tag Type?
Are there really two GENRE tag-fields in the files?
Or is there only one GENRE tag-field, which holds the text "samba velha Samba Velha" together in one line?
How do the other applications display the doubled GENRE content, are there delimiter characters seen like a semicolon or a colon?



Would also be a nice question to ask the creators of those databases.
If you really do not have duplicate tag fields we are down to the good ole trial&error method.

Could you check if you have any APE tags? - get rid of those if there are any.
Could you check your existing files' integrity (mp3val and the like)?
(It is rather strange that ALL these databases show the same error ... or is it just one)


thats it, i think that there were APE tags in there for some reason!

i am using playerpro on my android,and foobar on my computer, and i deleted cache/dbs and had them regenerate afte the APE deletion and all is well.

thanks for the help guys/gals!