Tag Whole Albums


There are a number of tags which are common for each album, e.g. genre, year, cover art,......

Is there a way of grouping tracks by album that would facilitate quick updating of these common tags: i.e. album a > change genre tag; album b > change genre tag; ...

At the moment I am opening up my master folder which contains sub-folders for each album. To select the tags by album I use the select tool, which is fine if all you are doing is updating tags on one or two albums, but if I want to go through my whole collection and update say 'Genre', I have to select each album one at a time and then process the tag. I do this either by opening up the required sub-folder, or by manually selecting the tracks belonging to that album after opening up all tags from the master folder.

An album group function which allowed updating of the tags common to all tracks on that album would save a whole lot of hassle. (My collection comprises of 1000+ albums in FLAC, plus a mirrored collection in MP3 for use on my iPod).

I don't know if I've made myself clear <_<




No, I don't believe there's an easy way to do this in Mp3tag. There have been numerous requests in the past for a button that might do something along the lines of 'select next album' or 'select next folder'.

Are you using the folder navigation tools within Mp3tag itself? If so, there may be an easier way to step through albums. Keep a Windows Explorer window open and use the context-menu (right-click) 'Mp3tag' selection to load a folder (and any subfolders) in Mp3tag. I find this to be easier than using Mp3tag's own folder navigation. There's no need to close Mp3tag between folders, as any files loaded will simply be replaced.

If you organize your library in a folder structure of artist\album\track, then you might use the Explorer right-click to load one artist at a time instead of just one album. It's not always the case, but I'd guess that maybe 80-90% of the artists within my library have all of their music within a single genre.

If you're changing a certain genre to another across your whole library, the easiest way would be to load your whole library and then use Mp3tag's filtering capability to only show tracks of that genre. See the help page on fitering.

Many thanks for your reply. The suggestions offered provide useful alternatives to the way I am currently handling things.
I guess what I am looking for is a shortcut for the process of select then shift-select to select all tracks in an album. It's straightforward enough, but if you have to do it thousands of times then the appeal of even short-cutting that kicks in.
Given that my folder structure is exactly the way described, the file explorer right click is a useful feature that I hadn't used until now.
MP3Tag is still the best out there, though.
Many thanks