Tag window showing tags twice

If you click on an item in the file view, you will have all tag entries in the tag window doubled and seperated by a \ e.g.: The Used\The Used (but tag is only The Used)
if you then click on another file and then on the first again, it will be tripeld: The Used\The Used\The Used
repeast as often you want
I hope that's not only on my pc :flushed:
apparently only happens to files with only id3v1

I can confirm that.

It also happens here. I didn't recognize it until now.

That behaviour occurs in 2.23r and 2.23s


I am using MP3Tag 2.23s and cannot reproduce this. I tested using Monkey's Audio files containing APEv2 tags and MP3 files containing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

Missed that line... :rolleyes:

I can confirm this as well.

Sebastian Mares

This should be fixed with the latest Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

~ Florian