Tag With Album & Artist Taken From Directory Structure


This program has made my life very easy :smiley:

Now I have got a question, have a look at the following filename

D:\somedire\songs\old songs\artist1\album3\song.mp3

what whould be the best approach to have a tag with Artist: "artist1" and Album: "album3"


Filename-Tag converter with the following string: %dummy%\%dummy%\%dummy%\%artist%\%album%\%dummy%


I want to build my tags from pathway but I'm doing something(s) wrong. My example looks like this (copied from filename to tag preview-window):
"G:\TESTFOLDER\8 Mile\01-Eminem - Lose Yourself.flac"
I wont get the OK-button to light up (trying to follow the advice from Sebastian).
Q1: Can someone give me this exactly how it should be entered in the filename-to-tag box?
Q2: Furthermore: this shows an example of "Various artists" where Eminem is the MIXARTIST? (seem never to learn which is which: ARTIST - ALBUMARTIST/MIXARTIST?). So I guess I will have to add a tag to mp3tag:s basic setup?
II have tagged all my cds by one artist and they all show up fine in the Slimserver which is what I run to stream my music library. Now I want to advance to all my compilations and albums of classic music. In the end I want to play my music as flac:s to Slimdevices Transporter.
Thanks for any help. I have hopes one day to understand this to make all necessary adaptions...


My formatstring only works with the example given by the OP. In your case, the formatstring would be:

%dummy%\%album%\%track%-%mixartist% - %title%

Replace %mixartist% with %artist% or whatever you want.