tag with blank name - help!

I have a tag with key information in it that has a blank tag name. The only way I can see that this is by looking at the "extended tag" information box.

I've tried many ways to copy the information in the tag with the blank name to the proper tag, or change the name of the blank tag, but nothing seems to work. Among the attempts were the format value action to copy it (but I could not get the action to accept or recognize the blank tag name), and trying to display the blank tag as a column and then trying a manual cut and paste (can't display it)

Any suggestions? thanks

Extract the files from the following zip package to a temporary folder and copy the one mte file to the Mp3tag appdata export folder by executing the command file.
Then run this mte export script from within Mp3tag against the problematic music file and publish the text result with your next message.
20110626.Export.tag.dump.zip (920 Bytes)


20110626.Export.tag.dump.zip (920 Bytes)

Thanks for the quick reply! The tag in question is the 15th tag in the attached file (it has lyrics data in it).

Mp3tag.Report.tagdump.6262011.14534.PM.txt (2.53 KB)

Interesting case, indeed!
Because my experience with tagging FLAC files is rathe small, I am not a good helper in this case.
To me it looks like a corrupt FLAC tag.

One trial maybe ... use a copy of the file.
Cut the complete tag into the clipboard [Ctrl-X] and paste it immediately back into the file [Ctrl+V].
Save the file [Ctrl+S].
Check the file for changes.

If it does not work, then try to delete the corrupt tag-field and import back the lyrics data into a fresh new tag-field.


Oh my goodness, I solved it, and it was very simple. I tried your suggestion to try to copy and paste it, and since I could only see the tag in the "extended tag" view, I double-clicked on the lyrics data and up popped a box called "edit tag info" which allowed me to change the tag name! Done!

Thanks very much for the help - this application and the help everyone gives each other is awesome!

Hmm ... good for you, that you have found the way to solve the problem yourself.

But I want to mention, that I understood from your post #1 ...

... that you have tried and done it already, what was the first thing, which has been come into my mind - using the dialog "Extended Tags..." and rename the tag field in question.

So this thread was a storm in a teacup - unusual circumstances, however, known solution.