tag2file action incl. moving folder.jpg?

Hi there.

I just tried to rename my files and directories with tag2file. This worked fine.

I used this pattern:

%genre%\%artist% - %album% - %year%$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %album% - %title%


What I figured out now is follwoing. While the data files are being moved to the new directory structure all my "folder.jpg" albumart files remain in the original directories. At hundreds of albumarts it is close to impossible to copy all of them manually.

Is there a way that I could script? a directory name change (with tag2file) + folder.jpg transfer + (optional) old directory removal??


You would have to do a two-step:
First rename the files in the local folder with e.g. the converter Tag-Filename with a mask that only modifies the filename but not the path.

Then rename the folder with a mask that describes only the new folder name, this time e.g. with the converter tag-tag for %_directory%.
This will move all files in the folder to the new location.