TagComplete - new tag auto completion service


TagComplete is an software for the automatic completion of metadata
against a database maintained by community.
Community database rating system "learns" with every file scanned by you.

Title recognition is based on "MAFP - Mediapurge acoustic fingerprint" technology.
The software "listens" to your audiofiles and therefore can recognize untitled titles for tagging.

  • The recognition of the titles is carried out locally
  • Only acoustic fingerprints and metadata are exchanged with the community database
  • All data is transmitted anonymously, no personal data is collected

TagComplete API V1 - Early access - is still under construction.
You can download TagComplete Client 0.91 here:

I would appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

More Information:
Infopage German
Infopage English

Mail: support@peter-ebe.de

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Under which license do you offer all the collected data from the community as download?

Where can we find some background informations about your own "MAFP" technology?

AFPCache is downloaded during process automatically
(This is necessary to achieve higher performance for processing and relieving the backend)
But backend API isn't finished yet, so so I have to admit there is no full download service for collected data yet :sweat:

The plan is to build up a free community based system, maintained by internal rating system and community.

TagComplete Client is free to use for commercial and non commercial use.

Where can we find some background informations about your own "MAFP" technology?

There is no public access documentation of this technology.
MAFP was introduced around 10 years ago in the end of mp3find development.
It's a kind of frequencies analytics / profiler for audio files that is able to detect files within deviations over different formats and compression quality and cut.
MAFP can even analyse image files (internal name MIFP), but that feature is just active in mediapurge for finding duplicates.

TagComplete 0.93 is avaiable

  • internal enhancements
  • compact/full view
  • fixed connection problems for windows7 users
    (scared about so many people still using windows7...)
  • fixed scaling problem

TagComplete 0.91 may have problems on connecting service for windows7 users cause of missing TLS 1.2 support

TagComplete Client has reached version 1.00
TagComplete Backend switched to normal operation / production mode.

Be part of the community by scanning and comparing your mediafiles!

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