Tagged files as usual my android player doesn't recognize Artist tag

Hi, I like to always have my mp3 to always be properly tagged before putting them on my phone, and usually i face no problem, however I'm facing an issue today, one of the artists' discography I want to put on my phone seems to not want to get recognized properly on my phone.

Here's a picture of what my tags look like: https://i.imgur.com/EVVpn6X.png

On my phone, the 'One' album is listed under the artist, but all other albums are listed as Unknown artist. I'm using Blackplayer EX on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Thanks for any help!

If the "one" album is shown correctly: did you have the other files on the phone before you updated the tags and simply overwrote the already existing files?
It may be an idea to delete the files on the phone altogether and transfer them again to the phone.
Before you do that, wait until the update mechanism on the phone has detected that the files are missing.

Alright so I made sure everything was tagged properly, old files were deleted and disappeared from my music player, rebooted and copied the properly tagged files to make sure it was the problem, and it still occurs. It's not only with this artist either apparently, all 3 new artists i downloaded recently have the same problem, on some tracks only.
I don't see where to problem is from, but I would think android?

I would always be careful with downloaded files in respect to integrity of the file itself and quality of the tag data.
So perhaps you can also check the files themselves with the usual utilities like mp3val and/or mp3diags (an internet search will provide a source).
It is a little strange that only one field should not be recognized.
What you could also check: which tag versions have you got in those files? Id3V2 only or also APE? Which tag versions do you read and write? (See File>Options>Tags>Mpeg)
It could be that there are APE tags but they are out of sync with the ID3V2 tags...