Tagging across different formats



I realised that my initial pot was probably very confusing.

My simple of question is this:

Ex: I have a compilation album, some files are FLAC and some are MP3. Each track has a different artist and album associated with it. What I would like to do is have some kind of album-artist field that says "My Mix, Summer 2004".

The problem is, as I understand, there is not a common field between ID3 and FLAC tags that I can use. For Id3 I will have to use TPE2/"Band" and for FLAC I will have to use "albumartist". That's no good, as my music player should want a common album-artist field across all the files, regardless of which codec they use. Otherwise, I cannot sort FLAC and MP3 files together.

So, I will have to create a user-defined tag in either my MP3 files or my FLAC files.

Am I right?

With albums that are not compilations, I will add an album-artist field anyway. That way, I can sort all my files by album-artist and easily find what i want.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!


My suggestion is to simply try it and see if it works for you.

Mp3tag uses BAND for the album artist in ID3v2 tags and using BAND with FLAC would result in a Vorbis Comment that contains a BAND field.

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Many thanks.

I selected all my files (in a test group), and I added a BAND and ALBUMARTIST tag to all of them, regardless of codec. I then populated these fields with the appropriate data.

Everything appears perfectly in MP3Tag.

However, there is a problem with some WMA files. Although I can see the extended tags BAND and ALBUMARTIST in MP3Tag, other applications do not recognise them. Other tag fields are recognised.

The very strange thing is, if I look at the properties of the WMA files in windows explorer, it tells me that there is no tag information at all. (!)

Could this be some problem with WMA?