Tagging: artist folder/album folder /track - title


I've been working on a tagging strategy to reorganize the hundreds of disorganized mp3s in my collection.

I think I've found a relatively good organizing directory scheme. I thought I would share it here, since I couldn't find a similar solution in these forums.

artist folder\album folder\track - title

  • Artist Folder - If the artist field is present, creates a directory with the value of the Artist field
  • Album Folder - If the album field is present, creates a directory with the value of the Album field
  • Filename - If track number is present, creates the filename starting with the tracknumber (padded to two characters). Otherwise, this just prints the value of the Track field.

Here's the formatstring for the "Covert: Tag to Filename" Conversion.

$if(%artist%,%artist%,)$if(%album%,%album%,)/$if(%track%,$num(%track%,2) -,)%title%


Here's my problem -- some of my files are missing critical fields such as the Title, Album, etc. In this case, my formatstring will just create a file with a blank field, and I end up with a bunch of files named like ".mp3".

The $if(x,y,z) function does the following: if x is true, y is returned, otherwise z.

However, I'm looking for a function that does the following:

If X is true, return Y, otherwise don't change anything. Is there such a function? Am I just missing it?


I think you can use %_filename% as third argument. Something like...


If ARTIST has more than 0 characters, use ARTIST as filename, otherwise leave the filename as is.


Excellent! Something like this should work fine. That's a clever trick to get $ifgreater to act as a Boolean expression-- I'll try it out.



Sebastian, Nice!

Gigglesworth, this is exactly the structure I've arrived at, dude, I have been sucking off of a.b.s.m.c. with a fat internet pipe for years and I have a mess of stuff to sort into this structure. If you're still around post a reply cuz it sounds like you are a few steps ahead of me and I'd like to pick yer brain :slight_smile:



I would like to copy a selection of mp3 files and place them in another directory with the structure: "artist folder\album folder\actual file".

I need help putting the string together; I have been ending up with either empty folders or one folder with all the files moved to it. Then I came across this post with these complicated argument.

Would it best to use the Export function or an Action?

I have been happy having all my MP3's in one folder, but I just bought a player that can display cover art. Due to that, the mp3's I put on it need to be in separate folders.



Just try the converter :mt_ttf: Tag - Filename with a format string like


Please note, that you're files need to be properly tagged first :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Ok, I got it to work, I changed it to:


I'll just copy the songs to my MP3 Player then change to that directory using MP3Tag and run that string. I can search for album art and put it the newly created album folder.

Amazon Cover Downloader is nice, I also like a program called Album Cover Art Downloader.

Thanks for the help.