Tagging artists with same name

I have two bands with the same name and they each have a self titled album. Is there a special tag I can use to indicate these are different bands (and will work across various players) or will I have to add something to one of the band's name and album name to differentiate?

Or if the year for the album is different, you may get two entries ... but that depends on the player.

Unfortunately, I figured that was the most likely solution.


I know of one application that treats different capitalizations of an artist name as different artists. But that's fairly unusual.

Occasionally you can use different values in the ARTISTSORT or ALBUMARTISTORT fields and the practical effect will be to differentiate between the two artists, but again, it's far from universal. Many applications don't even recognize those fields. And even when an application does treat them as separate artists, it often remains ambiguous for the end user.