Tagging at album level

I'm having trouble with tagging notes/comments. It seems that i am tagging my files at the track level. I would like to tag them at the album level. In other words, i don't need to tag each and every track with the Bio/Review do i? Is it possible to tag the entire album with the Bio/Reviews instead?...and how would i best do that if possible?

Any suggestions would be very helpful!

I've attached a screenshot if that is of any help at all.

  • Tom

There is no recognized 'ALBUM COMMENT' field that I'm aware of, so I'd say that if you want to add 'album' comments then you must add the comment to each track in the album. I've always added identical comments to all tracks in an album, so it's never been a problem for me. If I have a comment to make about specific tracks, then it gets made to all tracks. For instance, such a comment might look like:

Tracks 1-6 recorded live Oct 4, 1963 at Smiley's in Oakland, CA. Tracks 7-9 recorded live Jun 8 & 9, 1964 at the Green Door, NYC, with Percy Heath (b) and Mickey Roker (d).

Thanks JJ,
That is exactly what i do as well. However i have been trying to get my notes to display in an application called CLZ Music with no luck. I'm told it will not display notes at the track level, only album level. Oh well i guess it wasn't meant to be.


Anyone else out there have any idea as to how i can tag my files with notes at the album level?


is it possible to add one of these comments on your device? can you re-import this comment to the master files on the pc? can you check the files with mp3tag whether a field has been added or check the file system whether a file has been added?

You're going to have to find out what that means before you can fix the problem. Does it actually mean that the files need to be tagged differently? I don't read it that way.

Tagging can sometimes be very application dependent. If CLZ has some particular expectations for how files are to be tagged to get the behavior you desire, then you're going to have to ask them.

I did try and create the file on the device (Desktop App) and bring it back to MP3TAG, didn't work. I tried creating a Notes field in the Tag Panel and being it back to the device it didn't see that either.

The software (Music Collector/ CLZ Music) sees normal tags including "track comments" but has an extra field in their software for notes that they display. I was hoping to find a "Note Tag" at album level rather than track level that would be read by the software. It would save me from having to type 7,000 notes! I have asked them several times about a possible tag for their notes, all they will say is that i need to type the notes in their field box in the software, even though their software sees "title", "composer" etc tags, it seems their notes and not a standard tag.


It's probably being stored in their database, not the audio files themselves.

One way to check would be to take an album. Note the last modified time of each file in the album. Add an album note using their software. Exit the program and re-examine the modified times. Have the files been modified? If not, the note is not being stored in the files.

Thanks great idea. Yea, their not stored in the file. I was hoping that there was some kind of tag i was unaware of that i could use to have the program read the comments tag. No such luck. I'm dropping CLZ Music as it really creates more work that it's worth (not recommended). Anyone have any suggestions for a music database for android?

Thanks for all your help,

I would suggest not "getting married" to any particular database unless you find it really meets your needs, and certainly not based on a particular device you happen to own at the moment.

Store what you want to see while you're actually playing your music in your file tags, even if that means repeating long comments in each track of an album.

Other stuff can be stored in your main datastore filesystem with whatever tools you like, ideally in an open standard file format that isn't application dependent. Check out the desktop wiki tool "Zim" (search on Zim-Wiki), which stores everything in plain .TXT files, lets you link to image/media files.

Or create your own custom database - I find Data Crow to be a good balance of power/complexity for myself anyway.

Otherwise, just use MediaMonkey or MusicBee, both are pretty good about letting you control your tagging standards and should allow you to export/sync to just about any device.

Hi Tom,

Tags are purely at the file level. That is to say, the "object" you are updating is the file itself. As far as the tags are concerned there's no such thing as an an "Album" object. This is a little confusing, since most audio applications like iTunes, WMP, etc. seem to show you an album. However, what is happening is that you are simply seeing a sort /search result. It's as if you said "show me all the FILES where the album name is "Greatest Hits" AND the artist is "Red Hot Chili Peppers" AND sort the results by the track number".

Even more confusing is the inconsistent way album art is stored. ID3 tags can include embedded images but I also believe different audio apps handle album art differently. Some store the image as a hidden file in a hidden folder (WMP), others embed the image in ID3 (iTunes). This can be seen if you add album art in iTunes. You'll notice that each track is updated with the new information. It's not done at an album level. Each application handles it's database differently as well. CLZ Music may create a relationship between a text file and the album, or it may simply write a copy of the notes to each file in the album and make it SEEM like it's at the album level because it only shows up in album view. You'd have to check with the application creator on how they do that. Or, you can use MP3Tag to look at each field in the tag and see if it's embedded in there somewhere.