Tagging BPM from a text file

hi guys,

I've been searching for this kinda tagging - using a text file . . i found a thread but its all too confusing out there.
Well atleast i came to know tht i need a delimited text file. well i have a "tab delimited" text file which looks like this

#	Title	Artist	Album	Genre	BPM	Rating	Duration
1	Clash (Original Mix)	Alesso	Clash	House	126	     	6:11
2	En Route (Original Mix)	Daleri	En Route Web	House	127.99	     	4:46
3	Lift Off! (Original Mix)	W&W	Lift Off!	Progressive House	128	     	5:00
4	Spectrum (Armin Van Buuren Remix)	Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma	Spectrum Ep (00602537108343)	House	130	     	6:30

I'm just using 4 tracks for testing it first.

Ok so now is this text file correct for using it in MP3tag ??
I have read tht its ok if the tracks in the textfile r not in the same order as in mp3tag list. Only the number of tracks in the textfile should match the number of tracks in mp3tag. Is it correct ??

I have the BPM information in there, so how to use this textfile in Mp3tag to tag only the BPM & the other tag fields should not get affected.

Can we do this ??

Yes, you can import data - but not the way you described it.
First of all, you would need a file that is separated by printable characters as you have to enter them in the Convert>Textfile-Tag dialogue - the tab would invoke a jump to the next control ... better use ";" as separator.
The sequence of the records in the text files does not have to match the one in the mp3tag files list if you supply the fully qualified filename ... your example does not have a filename so it is no good or you have to sort the text file records so that they match the sequence in the mp3tag files list.
The number of records then (without the fully qualified filename) has be equal to the number of selected (not loaded) files in Mp3tag.

Now, if you want to import only one field you either prepare the text file accordingly so that it contains only the data for one field or you enter a %dummy% for each field you want to skip.

So, in your example it could look like this:
Ah yes: the textfile should contain only data, no headers. So cut the line "# Title Artist Album Genre BPM Rating Duration"
Considering all this I would let BPMAnalyzer have a round at the tracks.

Would it not be easier to use one of these BPM-Analyzers that write the found BPM directly to the tag?

do u know any analyzers which tags BPM in ID3 ? ?

@ poster
Same question bro . . .are u aware of any analyzers which tags BPM in ID3 ?
I'm very specific bout my BPMs .. so i wud like an accurate tool ....

Well, I don't care about BPM and I have tested none of them:


Avira detects a virus ...

I use the Mixmeister BPM analyzer at the very first step when tagging.
MM BPM only writes ID3v2.3 tag, ...
... sometimes embedded cover images will be damaged, when using files having ID3v2.4 tag.


Ok so i made it this way now . . its the filenames now & only the BPM .. .. but im finding a way to convert my separator from "tab" to ;

#	File Name	BPM
1	Alesso-Clash (Original Mix).mp3	126.00
2	Daleri - En Route (Original Mix).mp3	127.99
3	W&W - Lift Off! (Original Mix).mp3	128.00
4	Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Armin Van Buuren Remix).mp3	130.00

Will this do now ? ? ?

Note: BPM means "beats per minute" and this is an integer value in general.

For data exchange resp. import you may use any separator character or sequence of characters as you like it how to separate the data columns.
I like to go the safe way and use the full path to the target file for each data line.

So you may build a text file of lines like ...
126.00###M:\MyMusic\ROCK\A\Air\2004 - Talkie Walkie\01_Venus_Air_TW_2004.mp3

... and use it together with the import format ...

When using the full target file path within the import data file, then empty lines or lines which cannot be evaluated (e. g. a header line), will trigger Mp3tag to display an error message at end of the import session, about the failing lines within the import file.
All matching lines will be processed by Mp3tag.


I dont believe that you dont have a solution for this man .. . I have read lotta threads in this forum & u seems to b an erudite here

oh so u hv a solution . .. sorry i just saw ur post .. .
Anyway ..
so i seems there is no way tht i can do it with the data i posted above ... . .

It might work.
In case you use a relative file path, e. g. the filename only, you have to make sure that the Mp3tag working folder is set as the import target folder, in order to let Mp3tag find the named files.


working folder means the folder from which mp3tag is loading files ??
and how to set it to import target folder .. . i'm sorry but im a noob in using mp3tag .. i just started using it a couple of days back . .. . :book:

And i made a textfile with only filenames & BPM coz ohrenkino said tht it is possible by using only relative filenames .. . u can read his post

If you read my post carefully you will find, that I wrote about a fully qualified filename.
That is one with drive, path, name and suffix.

Hm ... put the import data file into the same folder where the set of target files are stored and invoke Mp3tag from there.


Yes ofcourse u did tht as well brov .. but this is wht i was referring to . ..
dont take me wrong .. im not complaining or anything . . i just wrote to explain my point to him ..


And then after selecting all the files what should i write in the format string ? ?

Ok forget it peeps, i think i got a work around . .

Its all too confusing importing text files correctly if u r new to this whole thing . . but i really appreciate ur patience for helping me get thru it .. .. Thnx a ton . . cheers