Tagging can not find artists

Why is the auto tagging thing not working? I click on it and it gives me a list of artists, some in Chinese and the rest are all the wrong one's. It can't find any of the artists or info I am trying to work with.
I don't get it.

Odd. Works for me here. edit: using TAG SOURCES > freedb

Could you be a little more specific? I do not find any function that is called "auto tagging thing" (I think that a function of that name is implemented in winamp).
So, please tell us which MP3tag function you are referring to.
And also: what have you done to get the reaction you described?

I'm using v2.54

Why is it that when I select freedb from the Tag Sources I get a whole lot of unrelated matches?

For example, I have a song that I'd like to find the year and the album for. My song only has the tags for the title and the artist, I manually entered "Southern Rock" for the genre.

I tried to use the other sources, but they all require the album name which is what I'm trying to find.

I select Menu Tag Sources|Freedb| then choose select "determine from selected files"|OK

The result is "there are 108 matches from the freedb database". NOT ONE OF THE 108 MATCHES THE ARTIST!

What is the problem?

It is truly frightening to experience how someone needs to learn everything from basic.
Do understand what the FREEDB database is (... the first of its kind) and how it works.
If you ask the wrong things, then do not expect to get the right answers.
Not all databases are guessing machines like Google tries to be.

FREEDB is feeded by users from over the world and holds only basic data, unaudited, therefore sometimes incorrectly.
From one point of view a song might be of type southern rock, from other point of view it might be eastern folk.
The FREEDB database is distributed into several category groups:
blues, classical, country, data, folk, jazz, misc, newage, reggae, rock, soundtrack.
Because of database limitations or user decision a disc containing southern rock music might be stored in the category rock as of type reggae in the DGENRE field.

If you cannot provide the proper master criterion to FREEDB, that is the DISCID, then FREEDB has to guess what artist and title on what disc could be worth to be a result to your request.
So you will get a bunch of seemingly results without any rating of probability.
If you are not satisfied with this database, then try other services.

Keep in mind, in our times there is no database in the world which knows everything, but there are some beasts growing to reach that goal.
These databeasts need electricity to store everything, even about you, and they can tell you who you are and what questions you did ask, for example in the Mp3tag forum, in the early days of the year 2013, and they calculate a probability rating for you, how your life goes on with such questions.

See also ...


freedb "determine from selected files" only works if you select all files of a complete album.

Thanks. Now that was helpful. I didn't know freedb only works for complete albums.

As you can see, I'm interested in filling in missing tag information for individual songs, is this something MP3tag can do?

If yes, how...

If no, can you offer a suggestion as to how to accomplish this?

Do your file or directory locations contain the artist, album, and song info? For example, organized as:

c:\music\The Beatles\Abbey Road\01 Come Together.mp3

If so, one can use the CONVERT > FILENAME to TAG and the proper "mask" to automatically fill in the ARTIST, ALBUM, TRACK, and TITLE fields in the tag.

And as for you, YES I'M STUPID. SO WHAT. That's why I'm here in this forum asking questions. And if you don't like answering them. Please don't reply. But clearly you must be on a mission to drive away those looking to explore the vast power of MP3tag which is not clearly documented.

Secondly, why should I spend endless amounts of time figuring something out when this is the purpose of this forum - to help/assist/explain/educate. If after reading the documentation, and reading prior posts; I still can't use a feature/function. I come here to learn how to use the powerful features that some programmer(s) has spent an enormous amount to provide.

BTW, you too are showing your "colors" by consistently responding with such a disdainful tone. Plus you spend alot of time typing your contempt. Didn't anyone teach you, if you don't have anything good to say - keep it to yourself.

However, if you would spend your time answering these benign questions, then maybe these forums would be filled with answers rather than mean spirited hyperbole (other members have noticed). And someone dumb like me, might find this forum's search engine useful. Currently, I spend 30 minutes reading search results and walk away none the wiser.

Lastly, despite your disapproval of my questions, and your perception that I'm the problem (more dumb users will follow and ask the same dumb questions), I would like to help.

I'd be happy to help by assisting in improving the FAQs, documentation and/or tutorials. I think MP3tag is an fantastic and powerful program with vastly superior depth, and would only like to be an evangelist for it. Would you like my help (the perspective of a dummy)?

PS - my German is a bit rusty showtopic?=3927 (you still makes mistakes too, you're forgiven.)

Thank you. I am not able to use this feature b/c I have quite a few orphaned songs which are under the artist in a folder named "Unknown". I do not have the album name for these orphaned songs; just artist and title.

I am afraid that this scarce information requires a lot of manual work.
The information alone will not clearify whether you have the original version, the radio or video edit, the live version, the one for greatest hits or on the best music sampler, the re-issue, the maxi version and so on.
Only in the context of an album a track becomes identifiable.

There is "musicbrainz picard" but the results are not very reliable - you usually get the remotest solution if there are not further tracks around.

I tried discogs fairly often just to see on which albums a track might be. And comparing this with other tracks also on that album lead to a fairly plausible result. But this way is really time consuming.
So unless you have real gems in that collection I would throw away the tracks if they are tagged with nothing but artist and title.

I admit.

You have to try out the things for yourself, because you need to do the big step to learn all the stuff in a few minutes.
I understand, time is precious, and you seem to dislike to pay the costs.

I've got the impression from you that you are one of these people who ask too fast the other people, before one's own insights ever allow meaningful questions, beg your pardon.

I'm not a forum user, who wants to join the fight with another forum user.
You have my sympathy in feeling a newbie.
I was also quite possibly a pesky one. And there are still themes where I'm still one.

The forum is filled with answers, surely one have to find them.

The forum search engine is rather bad, we know that. The Google search engine can help.
Example: http://www.google.de/search?q=site:forums....de+I%27M+STUPID

Good to hear that, welcome as number 13. :unsure:

I look forward to your next question.