Tagging Disc number creating multiple separate albums

I just went in and using the latest version of mp3tag recategorized hundreds of songs for multiple final fantasy albums. Many of the compilations are multi disc albums. I went into each of the albums, and discs for each. Tagged the proper discs with disc numbers 1-3, or 1-4 where applicable. Now I run into issues where in my smart phone (Android) detects the album (say 4 discs) as 4 different albums. Since the art is the same for every song on the album I see the album art, 4 times, 1 time for each disc. Each song on those discs are now separated.

I recently imported a number of songs from a Chrono Trigger Original Sound Track (3 discs). After being imported it kept all the meta data and this album is fine.

It shows 1 album in my lists, when organizing by album, when I select it all 72 songs are listed under the one album. If I load up the directory with that album into mp3tag I see the same layout of tagging that I did manually for the Final Fantasy album however the Chrono Trigger album is fine, and the Final Fantasy albums all separate the content between discs (in my sorted list).

The same goes for iTunes, or any other app that would read the meta data from the tracks. Maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere that will let me tell the files that they all belong to the same album even though there are more than 1 disc. This way I don't get a spam of art in my listed albums on my phone, or computer alike.

Any advice?

Thank you all!

How do you separate the albums? is there a leading or trailing "Disc 1 of x" in the Album name like
Final fantasy disc 1
Final fantasy disc 2 etc?

If so, rename all albums to just "Final Fantasy" but set the tag "%discumber%" to the correct value.
Also check if you have a tag %band% set to "Various artists" (or something meaningful to you). The album artist (=tag %band%) has to be the same for all albums.
In the default configuration mp3tag does not show the %band% tag. You have to add this field in the tag panel and the columns.
That is as much as I can think of in the moment.