Tagging .dsf files

Hello-new to the forum but I’ve used this app for years and love it. Have a current issue with tagging .dsf files, however. When I open the files in MP3Tag I have everything tagged correctly. Yet when I play them, the incorrect genre is listed on my media player (for example, even though I have tagged the songs genre correctly as “rock” in MP3Tag, when played they show up on the screen as “folk”). I don’t see the incorrect genres listed anywhere, so I’m not sure where they’re coming from. Any ideas how to fix this?

You could check the extended tags dialogue Alt+T for multiple genres.

Thanks. I have done that. The genre listed is the correct one that I have added.

You could check the files for other tag versions esp. APE tags and see whether they are out of sync (i.e. don't get written for an update).

And if nothing is wrong with the files then it is the player that makes up its own genres.

Thanks. How would I do this?

The simplest way to find files with APE tags would be to filter for them with

%_tag% HAS APE
if there are no APE tags then the file list stays empty.

And then you set APE to be read and deleted and all the other tag versions you set to off.
Re-read the files, if you want then you can check whether a file that shows a strange genre in the player shows the same genre in the tag now.
If you don't really care, the cut the tags, set ID3V2 to be read, written and removed and load the files again and see whether the player behaves now the way you want.
If the player still shows the strange data, you would have to find out how to update the player's display.

Doesn’t look like they are APE files. It’s not the player because the genre is listed differently depending on the album. So the incorrect genre is clearly hidden somewhere in the files but I have no idea where.

If you want to provide a link to one sample, I’m sure we can narrow this down. Make sure it is something that you can remove after, like a Google Drive or OneDrive file for example.

Ok, here's a sample file with the genre listed as "folk" on my media player even though the one that is listed in the tag is the one I added: "80s Pop/Rock".


I can confirm that there are only a very few fields in the metadata here. No duplicate genres, only “80s Pop/Rock” in mp3tag. I have opened and played this file in Neutron on my PC and iPhone, and again only the tags I see in mp3tag are displayed.

I then made changes to all of the metadata in mp3tag, and now the file shows the new tag info in all of my players. So mp3tag has no issues there.

What “player” are you using that still shows the old tag info? Perhaps it needs a refresh type of action to reread the audio files after you make edits?

You may want to clear that link now.

It’s just my Kodi media player on my Nvidia Shield. Pretty sure I have rescanned the library to which this belongs and cleaned the library but can repeat this to confirm. Weird.

One of the tricks is to rename the file slightly e.g. with an added underscore somewhere and see what the player does with it.

I have the same album in my library that is ripped in ALAC lossless. I have many more tags completed for those tracks, and in the case of your dsf file I simply added it to the rest when testing. Other than the missing tags, everything else did stay consistent. So it is definitely on the Kodi side. Besides trying to rename the file as @ohrenkino has suggested, you could also remove the track completely from the library, refresh it, then add it back. (Don't delete the file itself!)

BTW - Now that this has been tested out, I would delete the Google Drive link in your earlier post.