Tagging En Masse


I have about 500 directories, a reasonable number do contain tags, so when exporting to my mp3 player they have no details. Is there an option within MP3 tag that allows a user to select a directory that contains several other directories divided into genre and groups, to be tagged en masse?

By adding a directory called "Music", MP3 tag began to load the files into the window, however at approximately 481 it froze - so my assumption is that you cannot do large numbers of tagging and particulary not with many folders at once? Or am I incorrect?

It would be a rather arduous task to manually fix tags for 100 directories.

Any help would be appreciated, many thanks


MP3Tag supports en mass tagging. I think that the file causing MP3Tag to stop respounding might be corrupt.



Mp3tag supports tagging an unlimited number of files (only the memory of the computer gives some limit). I've noticed no problems when loading 5000 test files into Mp3tag.

If you want to mass edit some tag fields, which a number of files have in common (e.g. Comment or Genre) simply select the appropriate files change all tag input fields to < keep >, enter the comment or the genre and run File, Save tags.

If you want to mass tag edit an album, which has no tags and some filenames without any information, you might have a look at the freedb, freedb command.

If you have all artist, album and title information in the filenames of the files, e.g. Artist - Album - Track# - Title.mp3 you can run the converter Converter, Filename - Tag with a formatstring like %i - %a - %n - %t to import the information from the filename to the tag.

As Sebastian stated above, the file which freezes Mp3tag might be corrupt. Please try to identify the file by moving the 481th file to another directory. I could verify that guess, if you send the file to my support email address.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Perhaps the file is corrupt, although I shouldn't think it's a memory problem as I have 1.5GB of it.

I guess my query, to clarify, was mass tagging albums without any tag informaton from freedb.

the album structure on the drive is thus:

         __ Alternative
        |__ Rock/Metal

Music --|__ Electronic

        |__ Dance
        |__ Hip Hop

So Music is the first folder, then divided into fodlers by genre, then within those genres are folders into band names, which are further divided into albums for that band. Therefore, if I load all those directories into MP3 tag (assuming the corrupt file does not freeze the program), and connect to freedb would I need to highlight specific files which require tagging or will MP3 tag be able to disinguish files by directory - therefore when tagging from Freedb, it would tag only the files for which the db information is related? Or would it tag everything in the selection window?

Hope that makes things a little clearer. thanks


Nope. At the moment you can tag only one album at a time with the freedb function. Mp3tag treats the selected files as one album.

Best regards,
~ Florian


I've noticed that MP3TAG will stall if you've recently had an mp3 file open to play or convert to another format .. or if the file is still in another program for play purposes.

I've had more than 7000 files up at once without a problem. If a file hangs, just give mp3tag time to work through it (it will eventually happen). I've left the computer and come back after lunch or a break and the log jam has been cleared.

Another hint: Reboot the system before doing a huge list of files. It will ensure that no other program has a hook into any of the files you're about to re-tag or access with mp3tag.