Tagging entire albums

Is there the feature to "tag" and entire album? I have just completed a re-tagging of over 2,000 songs and when I load them into iTunes, each song of an album shows up in the cover view mode.

Thank you.

It's unclear what you want to do. To tag an entire album you can load only that one album into Mp3tag and then use Ctrl-A (Select All). Any changes you make in the Tag Panel (the panel on the left) will apply to the entire album. You can also edit the tags for all of the selected tracks using the Extended Tags dialog by using ALT-T or clicking the "paper and pencil" button or by right-clicking and selecting "Extended Tags...".

If you load more than one album into Mp3tag you can select a single album in the File List (columns on the right) using the mouse and keyboard the same way that you select files in Windows Explorer.


You need to set the album artist (mp3 - BAND) for each album to fix the iTunes problem.