Tagging filename for one track

I have just tried to retag the Belcea Quartet's recording of the Beethoven string quartets. This a big file with several cds, 71 tracks. I have used the autonumbering wizard to re/number the tracks and then Tag/Filename to retag the filenames. All is well except that one of the 71 tracks is not retagged. There is an error message telling me that this is because 'the system cannot find the path specified'.

How can I retag one filename manually? Is it possible?


How do you manually rename a file? Do it in Windows Explorer.

The generated filename is too long and exceeds the total of 253 characters.
You can now retag it by using the old mask but replace the
which cuts the string for TITLE to 20 characters. If this still does not work, enter a lower number than the 20 and try again.
If 20 is enough, you can try to use bigger numbers and so retain more of the original information.
Also it might be worthwhile to reconsider the mask for the generation of filenames, e.g. if you use something like
$num(%track%,2) - %title%
then the "blank-minus-blank" could be shortened to a plain "minus" and so save 2 characters. And if you then replace the "minus" by an underscore _ you do not get mixed up with hyphens as part of the title.