tagging folders


Hi I download the last version of this fantasic software but I have a question. My MP3 folder it's named :

C:\RECORDS\To be burned\Labels\Iron Box\Ibo13 Sean Byrd - Chop Shop

I want to create this tag into a files from the folder:

Genre: Iron Box
Comment : Ibo13
Artist : Sean Byrd
Album : Chop Shop

and the similar from C:\RECORDS\To be burned\Labels\Initial Cuts\initial cuts 009 tekel - deep turtle

sorry about the question but my scripting it's too bad :frowning:


Well, I guess "%genre%\%comment% %artist% - %album%" should do the trick for the first one. About the second one, not sure since there isn't something which separates the comment from the artist.


the first once it works but I tried to do something similar to the second and I don't know how to do it . I tried with something similar like

%genre%\%dummy% %comment% %artist% - %album%\%dummy%


I think this is not possible, because - as Sebastian already stated above - there is no special character or string which seperates the comment from the artist. Bad filenames.

Btw: there is no need to write an email, post to the forum and write a PM. Please choose only one option next time.