tagging from directory structure


Love this product... and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!

I'm wondering if there's a way to tag multiple files in multiple directories based on the file path/directory structure (i.e C:..\ArtistFolder\AlbumFolder --> Artist = ArtistFolder Name and Album = AlbumFolder Name).

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Just use %artist%\%album%... as format string.

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~ Florian


Thank you!


Mmmm... that's exactly my problem. I have many files with a folder structure of "ROOT\Artist\Album\Title.mp3", but with no tags whatsoever :unsure: .

Florian, I am sorry to insist, but could you give me a little more detail of where I should use that "format string"? - I am famiuliar with the basics of MP3TAG, but have never entered into this level of "complication" (... for me), and am now lost.

Thanks in advance and greetings from sunny Spain.


Either click on the :mt_ftt: icon from the toolbar or press ALT+2. :slight_smile:


OK, I have it now. And I can't say it wasn't well explained in the help files (... it was!), sorry and thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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