Tagging from folder name

I'd like to extract the year and the catalogid fields from my folder name in order to tag them in tracks.

So far, I managed to get most of my files working with this formula

%albumartist% - %album% (%year%) [%catalogid%]\ %artist% - %title%

The issue I'm facing and I do not know how to solve is when the album title contains space. The above formula does not watch the spaces and everything is wrong.

It would be good to say that :

  • everything before the first '-' is the album artist

  • between the first '-' and '(' is the album title, regardless of spaces

  • between '(' and ')' is the year

  • between '[' ']' is the catalogid

What are your suggestions ?

You write that you only want to extract the year and the catalogid.
I think you want to use the converter "Filename - Tag":

%dummy% (%year%) [%catalogid%]\%dummy%

That's it. Thank you !