Tagging from Intenet help


Hello there. I'm using your very useful program to tag my MP3s. I have ran into a problem I can't figure out and was hoping you could help me.

When I tag from the internet, doesn't matter what source, freedb, amazon.com, discogs, etc, I always end up with the tag info from the 1st track in the list instead of the selected track. So if I select track 8 and press OK, my file always ends up with the tag info of track 1 instead. Has anyone ran into this? Do you know how to fix it? I have tried Mp3tag 2.34 and 2.35 and I get the same result.



This is currently only possible with the freedb feature (not with the web sources like Amazon/discogs).

You can use the buttons on the right to move selected file to the position of the 8th track.

Best regards,
~ Florian