Tagging greek songs mp3s for Lyrics progs and apps

How should i tag greek songs mp3s so that lyrics programms ( e.g musixmatch, cu lrc plugin at kodi ) can search for the lyrics and displayed them ?
Should i use greek characters for the words or the greek words written with latin characters (somehow the way spotify displays the greek songs - not the correspond lyrics ).

Thanks in advance

Isn't this a question that deals with the player's features?
As you noted quite correctly, in MP3tag you could

So I would test this with your player and a test file and then you know.
for MP3 files take care that they are saved with UTF-16 encoding (See File>Options>Tags>Mpeg)

Thanks for your effort.
I'll test that with the UTF-16 encoding.
I thought it might be some rule about the characters to use.
I have checked both cases with musixmatch and it can found and display lyrics but in small percentages ( let say 10% of songs)

The official lyrics plug-in for Kodi ( cu lrc lyrics ) can't find anything in both cases all thought it works fine with English and Italian songs.

I '' be glad for anyother thought on this.

I am still not sure that I understand the direction of your question:

do you want to see already embedded lyrics to be displayed properly?
do you get the lyrics during runtime online but the player does not find the lyrics anywhere on the Internet?

For the first case you could easily create a test file with Greek letters in it and see if your player can cope with it. For best encoding I recommend UTF-16 encoding.

If the second is the case - well, there is little that MP3tag can do as it hardly influences the implementation on the players and their plug-ins.
And then probably it is a question of the internet community whether they have contributed the lyrics as these sites are usually user-driven.
And there are some more specialized sites like e.g. for metal lyrics - so perhaps you use not the best address to look for the Greek lyrics.

So, do you need advice on how to handle the program MP3tag?

I'm interested at getting lyrics online during runtime. Mainly i use Musixmatch as lyrics program in both windows and android and secondary Kodi with the official plug-in called cu lrc lyrics ( windows and android ).

I've allready asked for info at musixmatch but their support are very poor.They asked for logs and other info which i provide back to March 2022 but nothing yet. Maybe they need some more time to investigate..

I haven't ask for help at Kodi yet cause i wasn't able to see in any sinlge greek song the lyrics. Also the structure of this program is complex for my problem cause it may involve the varius skin, other plug-ins and lot of settings.

I don't blame mp3tag just thought that maybe excists a kind of aggement or protocol for the form of tags.

The sites that have lyrics they displayed them at the web with greek characters but i haven't a clue how the program interacts with the site or server and how the request is done.

Do you think i have to open a new topic at another category asking the community here if anyone have managed to have greek lyrics displayed ?

Another time many thanks for your effort.

You could open a topic in the off-topic section as the features of other programs do not really have to do anything with the MP3tag support.
I would still think that your problem should be discussed in the forums of the respective data sources or players.
And as soon as you have found out whether you need a special file for the lyrics or a special field, then come back to MP3tag.