Tagging HD and "Standard" albums


We have situations wherein we have otherwise identical albums in both "standard" and HD file formats. In our case, the file formats are FLAC (44.1/16) and FLAC (96/24). We first add up to 20 or 30 standard and custom Vorbis comments and high-quality cover art to, say, the 44.1/16 version. That said, we would expect to add the same tags to the high-resolution version. In fact, we'd like to be able to ensure that both are tagged identically, except of course for the need to have the appropriate FORMAT tag for each album. Note that our EAN/UPC, CATALOG and SOURCE tags for the standard CD package may not be appropriate for the HD version—they are recognized as necessary variants. (We're also not sure if the same ISRC codes apply to the HD version, but for the time being, we assume they do.)

I assume there must be an easy way to export the tags from the standard-definition version to the high-resolution version, assuring 100% accuracy. (I know that I can open both versions at the same time and take advantage of the "drop-down" list for each of the tags in the Tag Panel to add tags to the untagged file, but that method must be done on a track-by-track basis and surely will lead to operator error. Besides, it's not "automated." Furthermore, there doesn't appear to be a direct method for copying the album cover art from the standard version to the HD version. We'd prefer a predefined action item or export script to do all of this.)

I've attached a PDF image of the Alt-T panel for one of the tracks on the standard version of the album.

This requirement doesn't occur all that often, but it's becoming more and more a problem. Your suggestions for streamlining this process will be received with great joy. :wink:

Dennis....aka "d2b"

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This is not really right.
You can bulk-copy data from one set of files to the next in one go.

Load the SD and HD files of an album at the same time.
Sort them in such a way that the the SD files are one block and the HD files are the other one.
Also make sure that the files of each block are in the correct and same sequence.

Now select the SD files, use the function "Copy tags" of the context menu.

Then select the HD files, use the function "Paste tags" of the context menu.
You now should have copied all the tags from the SD files to the HD files.

I doubt that it will ever be possible to automate such a process.
I suspect that the HD target files have not tag data yet. So what would be the sorting criterion or the filter expression?
Even if you use an export script to transfer the data, somebody has to select the source files first and then select the target files (even though this can be left out with some clever naming convention).
Anyway: I have the feeling that this process is just as error prone and slow as using the manual way to copy and paste the tags.

Could the solution be such simple as
1] Creating HD FLAC
2] Tagging them
3] Converting HDs to ordinary FLACs, with a software that will not read and write any kind of tag field

I think one would want such a converter that retains all of the tags in the source files (HD) and writes them into the destination (SD) files. Even then, one might need to change a few of the resulting tags in the SD files, such as the SOURCE tag.

I thought of doing this and tried it using dBpoweramp's Music Converter, unfortunately with unsatisfactory results. The problem stems from the preferred method for creating Vorbis comments—a separate field for each COMPOSER, PERFORMER and other fields that can have multiple values, such as STYLE.

Music Converter retained all of the singular fields correctly, such as ALBUM, ALBUMARTIST, TITLE and so on, but it only retained the "last" of the fields for which there were more than one. See the hypothetical example below:

Original FLAC-HD fields:


FLAC-SD fields after conversion:


In this particular case that prompted this posting, it wouldn't have been a useful method anyway, as I had already tagged the SD version before I received the HD files.

When and if the music industry moves to an all-digital music distribution paradigm, audiophiles will not be satisfied with SD or lossy files, so an evolution must occur wherein HD files of some kind become a commonplace alternative, whether they be coded as DSD or (preferably, in our opinion) FLAC-HD. That's why we have been developing methods and standards for a FLAC-based digital music library here. If we're right, a reliable method for tagging multiple versions of the same recordings will be a requirement that needs a solution.

So far, it's only a headache and not a do-or-die issue.


I'm sorry but I overlooked this part of your reply; I didn't see it until just now. I didn't know this feature was available, but if it works as you described it, I am happy with it.

Thank you!

Dennis....aka "d2b"

This procedure works exactly as described. Problems solved. Thank you!

Dennis...aka "d2b"