Tagging help for newbie FLAC user

I have been using Mp3Tag for quite a while but I haven't had to tag FLAC files before. Can I upload tags from a .csv file as I have done for mp3 files or do I have to manually add them.

Also, how would I indicate in the file what each field would map to? Normally one would use %field%

Thanks for you help

Generally, MP3tag maps the internal representation of the %field% addressing scheme to the real tag field names of the respective tagging format, in the case of flac files the vorbis comments.
You may have a look at Tools>Options>Mapping
to get an impression that there are some fields that need a special treatment. But those are really special cases. If you find more, you know now where to define a special mapping.

You are assuming that I understand much of this. Where are the vorbis comments coming from? From the CD or freedb? I can't assume that these 20+ year-old CDs can be found on-line. In fact, I tried and did seem to be able to find anything.

I guess I'm just going to have to keep playing around with this.

You don't have to take care of whether it is vorbis comment, wav chunks or mp4 atoms - this is what MP3tag is for.

If you are looking for the tag data, you usually have to help MP3tag a little, like that you have to have at least artist and title or better even, artist and album in the tags.

Or you could import data from the file names and then add more data form one of the web sources (that's a hint: have a look at the menu web sources - perhaps you find a script that helps you).