Tagging issues using a custom created field

I created a new custom field to capture the catalog number being provided by Beatport. I am using this as the logic:
Name: Catalognumber
Value: $meta_sep(catalog #,\)
Field: %catalognumber%

I can now see the field with data in it in the main window, however when i try and use that field to change filenames etc, it's coming up as if there is no data in the field.

Any help would be appreciate

Can you please show us your Format string to change the filename?
(The one you use in your action or Convert Tag -> Filename).

Any it would be helpful to see the content of the Extended Tags window (please press Alt+T on one of your tracks and copy & paste a screenshot from this window in your answer).

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m:\Shanti Radio Moscow\%catalognumber%\%AlbumArtist% - %Album%\%artist% - %title% - this is what I am trying

The \ are not showing above, but I have them between the fields

You can enclose such strings in backticks ` or you select the text and click on the </> sign in the answer toolbox.

As you can see, there is no CATALOGNUMBER tag in your overview of all existing tags. Only a custom CATALOG #.

You can now use the CATALOG # to rename your files, or adjust your initial logic. What do you prefer?

Ok I tested and m:\Shanti Radio Moscow\%catalog #%\%AlbumArtist% - %Album%\%artist% - %title%
is working, thank you!

Just for the record:
Your initial logic - using the Convert Tag -> Tag (showing a preview) - would be:
Format string: %CATALOG #%

Or as an action:

Depending on your player (software), your custom CATALOG # can not be read or displayed. The more used "official" one would be CATALOGNUMBER.

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I see something illogical here:
You see the contents of %CATALOG #%. But that is a display only.
And then you write more or less nothing to CATALOGNUMBER.
If you want to update CATALOGNUMBER you would have to use an action or converter as @LyricsLover described.
And update the column definition so that it displays and writes the same field:
Name: Catalognumber
Value: %catalognumber%
Field: %catalognumber%

Yes I have understood my mistake, thank you