Tagging MP4 video files with extended tags

Hello all

I have been using MP3tag (V 2.69) for some time for tagging my music files
(genre - artist - year - album - trackno. - title).

I really like the way the program works. It's brilliant.
A small donation is on its way.

I would like now to start tagging my MP4 video files

  • but with a completely different set of tags, for example :
    genre - director - year - cast - movietitle - language
    (possibly also codec, kbps, fps, etc.)

I have read on the forum that I should add extended tags.
My question is :

Can I then somehow separately access
the audio directory and the video directory so that in each case
only those columns with the applicable tags
and a different tag panel are displayed ?

Best regards

Actually, you do not "add" extended tags but there is a dialogue called "extended tags", accessible with e.g. Alt-T.
In this dialogue you see all the existing tag fields and you can add, delete and edit fields.

See the help http://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html on the fields that are supported by MP3tag by default. ANd there is always the option to add user-defined fields (although only very few players display them).

As some improvements for mp4 files have been added, I would suggest that you update to a more recent version.

Hello again

Thanks for the very quick reply.

One further problem :

The tags usually assigned to MP3 music files, e.g. artist, album, etc.
are not really appropriate for MP4 video files.

Thus, in tagging the MP4 files in my folder
I have used the extended tags etc.,
and unticked those standard tag columns
which I normally use for my folder (artist, album, etc.).

When I then load my folder I have to reset all my columns.
Is it somehow possible to save column names, order, and widths for each folder
in order to avoid this ?

Best regards

There is Util-Button in the customize-columns-window.
There you can save and load column-configurations.

If you install MP3tag twice as portable installation (not the standard installation), each in a separate folder, then you can setup one for video tagging and one for audio tagging.
This might be easier for switching between the setups than having two configuration files.

Slight delay, but just found MP3tag can do some vid metadata as well so learning.

Didn't realise the utils buttons existed on columns and on tab so this thread was very useful. Be nice if htere was a way of configuring both sets and saving them as one, to avoid the workaround as suggested by ohrenkino but hey 4 steps is better than 50!