Tagging multiple albums at once with album art

Hello so im searching the forums but i cant seem to find an answer to this but is there a way to check the album art for multiple albums at once? i have 12k files and some have art already and others don't is there a way to have the program automatically add the art for all the missing covers or would i have to manually go through to each album with no cover art and add it?

But you can filter for files that have no cover:
%_covers% MISSING
(MP3tag does not know anything about albums)

okay thanks one other question. i added some cover art to some albums earlier and some of them are working and others arent. in spotify some of the art isnt showing up. is it an error on their end?

What kind of picture formats did you use?
It should be jpg or png.

i used jpeg for most of them some of jpeg are showing and others arent ill try out png and see if that helps

is there a way to find only png album art? i cant figure that out

Try filter
%_cover_mimetype% HAS png

where do i use this at?

What about a look at the documentation now?

Jpg images for cover art cannot be progressive.