Tagging multiple albums problem. Need help please.

I am wanting to add a record label catalogue number after the album title in the album tag so i can quickly and easily search for all albums by a specific record label.

For example

Justice - Cross [Edbanger]
Breakbot - Happy rabbit [Edbanger]
Mr Oizo - Lambs anger [edbanger]

Is there a way to do this to all albums in one go? Or am I forced to do it 1 at a time?

if you have that information stored in a different tag than you can easily add that text to your album tag with an action of the type "Format tag field" (see the FAQ).

BTW1: If you already have that info stored in another tag - why not display that tag anyway.

BTW2: if you want to add that information for several albums as it is not yet available I advise you to select all albums first, then open the extended tag view and add the information in an already existing tag (e.g. publisher) or create a userdefined one.
Use this tag then to append your album tag.
So it is "two goes" but less than one by one.