Tagging Multiple Artist for iTouch

Hi Folks, this is my first post. Please forgive me if I make a mistake. I have more than 4000 songs sung by two or more artists. I have tried separating the artists names in the Artist Field by comma "," (ABC,DEF,XYZ) and also by double backward slashes "\\" (ABC\\DEF\\XYZ) but my iTouch and iTune fail to list the Artists individually and do not identify this song under all three artists' names. Instead, all three names are identified as one name (ABC,DEF,XYZ) in the Artist field. I want iTune and iTouch to list all three artists separately and list the song under all three names.

I have tried searching all over including this Forum to no avail. I have even tried modifying the Artist field Value from %artist% to $meta_sep(artist,\\) as suggested by Dano in one of his posts but that did not help either. Please tell me the process ( in the simplest form) by which I can have iTouch list the artists individually and not as one name. My knowledge of ID3Tagging is average.


I don't think apple stuff supports multiple artists.

Thanks Dano !!

Apple boasts of cutting edge technology. This doesn't appear cutting edge to me. My list of things that I absolutely hate about iTunes and iPod is getting bigger.