Tagging multiple artists

I want to tag multiple artists to tracks of a compilation album such that the track will shoow up under both artists name when I search for it in a media player. I tagged the multiple artists to a track however the media player only reads one artist for the track and ignores the other.
What should I do?

Or create multivalue fields.

ALBUMARTIST holds another value so can't do it that way otherwise the album won't be shown as a compilation

It depends an awful lot on the abilities of the player if you can do anything about it.
E.g. WMP shows different artists for one track if you separate them with semicolon-blank:
Peter Gabriel; Kate Bush
iTunes wants to have separate fields.
Enter a \\ between the artists.

Thanks. Is there a way to keep all the tracks in one album without setting the same ALBUMARTIST

I doubt that.
There is the field COMPILATION with the value 1 - but whether that works for all players ...