Tagging multiple files using tag information for each file in a text file

Hare Krishna.
I have been using mp3tag for 3 years and it is a boon to my service. I manage mp3 media for lectures of my Guru Maharaja. Media has about 28000 mp3 files for about more than 7000 lectures.

I use excel for quick functioning and scripting and also catalog generation. After catalog is generated from csv file exported from mp3 tag the titles are edited for english. Thus after they are edited I have a text/xlsx file with subtitle tag and corresponding edited title. For all my 7000 mp3 files I have subtitle tag intact. Thus now I want some way by which mp3 tag can read this txt file (I can generate format as required as I have xlsx file from which txt can be generated in required format) and compare subtitle tag with that of files in list and commit the respective title tag to respective file.

Hope I am clear. Quick help will be very helpful as I am geared up to publish this in a festival 4 days away.

I have attached a sample txt file generated with tab separating subtitle no. and title for mp3. I shows data for 4 mp3 files

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lectures.txt (156 Bytes)

Have a look at this thread and see if you can somehow match your data with MP3tag's requirements:
Get tags from file

Hare Krishna.

Thankyou very much sir. It solved my problem fully. May Krishna bless you.

Damodara Das