Tagging music files for Android.

I've been using Mp3tag for years. It works well on Windows. I recently got a Android phone and transferrred some mp3s to the phone. Some of the tags are not read correclty by audio players on Android.

Please give us some guidelines for Android compatibility.

See track # in image above.

Where do you see the bug in MP3tag?

Check what tag versions you have in the files: V1? V2.3? APE?
Also: it could be that you do not write the same tags as you delete. So it could be that you have tags that are out of sync.
Set Tools>Options>Mpeg to
read: APE, V1, V2
delete: APE, V1, V2
write: V1, V2
Then cut and paste a tag and see what happens on the phone.

I've done that and more.

It looks as though Android can only read tags of a certain type/format. That's what I would like to know.

The same file when tagged with MediaMonkey worked OK in Android. However I prefer Mp3tag and would like to use it.

I see that the file has V2.4 tags. If the Android player behaves just like Windows then it cannot read V2.4 tags.
And it could be that as there are also V1 tags in the file, that in that tag version TRACK is not filled.
Could you set MP3tag to write V2.3 instead V2.4 and see what that does?

I tried v2.3 . Also with utf8 & utf16. It did not help.

I think the tags that were originally in the file were incorrect/corrupted.

I did not preserve the original file and it is now OK ( after MediaMonkey ) so I cannot do any further tests. Thanks, anyway.

I only wish someone could post some information/links about Android tagging. There are many similar threads on other forums. But no one has posted info about what kind of tags Android expects.

If you find a similar file again and you suspect that something is wrong with the file then use mp3val and mp3diags to check the files.
If these programs do not report any (serious) errors any more, then try tagging.
Actually, I doubt that MM is a better tagger. And also I think that it is not an Android problem but a problem with the player you use on android. I am sure there are loads of other players around.

So I still do not see an MP3tag bug.