Tagging remix, live or other similar tracks with featured artists

I'd like to get some opinions/suggestions here.

When you have a track with a title that has descriptors (remix, live, demo, instrumental, etc.) and also has a featured artist, which seems more logical for the title tag?

title [feat. artist] [remix]

  • OR -

title [remix] [feat. artist]

I find that when searching for a specific title that has an album version as well as live versions or remixes, it appears more organized this way:

title [feat. artist]
title [feat. artist] [live]
title [feat. artist] [remix]

As opposed to:

title [feat. artist]
title [live] [feat. artist]
title [remix] [feat. artist]

However, which makes more sense? I looked at some of the various tagging "Style Guides" online (MusicBrainz, iTunes, Spotify, etc.) but could not find this specific scenario. Does anyone know if there is a "correct" way to do this?

Thanks for reading!

There is no standard for this. So you can do what you like.

I personally think that the version belongs to the title, so should be the first item to be mentioned and then follows the featured artist.
What I would definitely do, regardless of the position: enclose the different data into different separators. Like that it is easier to be addressed, if there should ever be a special field for the version or the featured artist:
So, instead of all square brackets like
title [remix] [feat. artist]
I would use
title [remix] <feat. artist>
title [remix] {feat. artist}

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I do something similar. I always add the featured artist/remix title in brackets.

Artist - Song Title (ft. *****)
Artist - Song Title (Version/Remix Artist RMX)

I abbreviate featuring to ft. (lower case) and Remix to RMX (upper case).

My system that I designed and redesigned over the years:

  • file is in the folder of the very first artist that is listed in ARTIST
  • all featured artist are in ARTIST
  • the name of mixer / remixer is always in TITLE / FILENAME
  • the name of the mix / remix is always in the TITLE
  • all that live info also goes into TITLE

    Issues: almost none

Rarely I end up having "Remixof aRemix`` in TITLE- that is not really a problem, as all I have to do is to read them from left to right in order to know what was first

But when I get a Mashup it gets a little tricky / inconsistent. As I consider mashups to be a stand alone piece of music, I put it in the folder of the mashuper [while ARTIST has all the original performers]

But I can imagine that someone who is deep into remixes and megamixes, what want to emphasize / search by the remixers- thus keep files in folder of a DJ / producer, and not the original performer

But for sure I would not put any feat. artist in the TITLE: two long cooperating names of remixers added to already long original title- and you run out of available space