Tagging using txt files

I preferred doing a separate post to the one I've just made since it's another topic.

When I retag using the txt file button 9 times out of 10 (don't understand why sometimes it defaults in the right place) the function will go back to the last location used (see image attached where the files are in E:... and the programme is searching in F:...)

How can I make it default in the folder containing the tracks since I always have the txt file in the same folder as the songs?

Thanks again for reading

I would say: it depends on the workflow.
In general, MP3tag remembers the last folder.
If that is not there, I would expect MP3tag to go back to the specified working folder - which could be the current one.
So if you normally rename the folder after you have imported the data from the text file, then MP3tag cannot find that folder and resorts to the current folder.
But, if you imported the data and then you did not rename the folder then MP3tag keeps looking in that folder.

Actually, I have no clue if the behaviour for the import file is by any means triggered by settings in
I would experiment in "Default folder" with %_folderpath%

Thank again for your quick answer.
I don't think that it is. However, when adding a cover it automatically searches in the current folder. Why wouldn't it be the same for the txt files?

Is it a feature that would be difficult to add? Where could I make such a request? Unless someone else has an idea?

If you have another look at Tools>Options>Folders
you will realize that there is a special option for the location of pictures.

Once you have used [Ctrl+D] to change the Mp3tag view and working folder to the location where the files reside, which should be tagged, you can apply the converter "Textfile - Tag" with a standard filename like "rename.txt" or such, using the text file "rename.txt" from within this working folder.