Tagging Various Artists

When i do a search via Amazon or the Freedb Mp3Tag finds the album and then writes
the tag for me but this particular album is a various artists album and Mp3tag writes
the Artist and Title for each song into the Title field and i would like the each different artist
to be written in the artists field and each different title in the title field.

Track #1 example :

I end up with Mockingbird - Inez/Charlie Foxx in my Title field and the Artists field has "various artists" where it should read as Charlie Foxx.

Just to be clear i would like to be able to have it tagged as follows :

Title = Mackingbird - Inez
Artists = Charlie Foxx

And what i am getting is the following :

Title = Mockingbird - Inez/Charlie Foxx
Artists = Various Artists

I looked through the help file and found the following and i still end up with artist and title in
the title field instead of title in the title field and artists in the artists field.


Thank You

As the help says, use "Utils > Compilation"
and enter
%title% - %artist%

Or use the Musicbrainz search.

I used the Utils > Compilation and says to use a / ( %artist% / %title% ) which was default
and the album still gets tagged incorrectly.

And i'm sorry but i'm not familiar with Musicbrainz but i did manage to locate the site and
did a search for the album and it was not found in the data base and if it were not sure how
that would help . I would rather get MP3Tag to function the way i need it to as sort of a one
stop shop ....

thanks for the post anyways

You must remove %artist% / %title%
and enter
%title% - %artist%

I mean the Musicbrainz search inside of Mp3tag (Tag sources).
Use the search term
A Time To Remember 1969

Wow that worked great. I thought i would end up with the same thing but with a - instead
of a / . This is such an awesome program . I have a paid tagging program that can't touch
this program and what it can do. I'll be donating when i get paid.

Thank You