Tagging WAVs - occasionally unreadable

I've been using mp3tag for a few months now; I have mp3's, WAVs and Flacs. I use Subsonic for my media server and BubbleUpnp via my Synology is also available. Mp3tag has tagged nearly all my WAVs perfectly, but there a handful that are giving me issues. The Synology I believe reads ID tags, and I think Subsonic can reads RIFF from WAVs. On the problem files mp3tag reports that it writes the tags correctly, and they show correctly in BubbleUpnp - however on these files the tags do not show up in Subsonic. It's odd as they are apparently random tracks in an album where the rest of the tags are tagged with no problems. I found one error once in the Subsonic logs that stated "Jaudio tagger parser - error when parsing tags", which doesn't seem very helpful to me! I have tried removing all the tags and retagging, and also moving the files on to my laptop and tagging them there in case it's some kind of permission error but nothing has helped.
Does anyone know where to start trouble shooting please? Is there some way of "forensically" looking at the files to try to figure it out, or another way of removing the tags? Or are there some settings in mp3tag that I should try?

Any suggestions most welcome!
Thanks for reading.


Perhaps your player does not like more than a specific number of characters ... so if you shorten the tag data, what happens then?

Thanks for the suggestion, but some of these titles are really short ("him"). Also it's definitely the Subsonic media server (not the player) that can't read these few tags - I can log into the media server and see that it hasn't read the title, artist, track number etc.

The only other detail that has just come to mind is that I think all of these albums that have been affected are high resolution e.g. 48khz or 96khz rather than cd quality. No idea if that makes a difference?


On this page (external)
it says: Tag parsing and editing of MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA and APE files, using the [Jaudiotagger] library.
I do not see wav there.

Hmm, fair point. I can only assume that page is out of date as it can read all of my other wavs - and edit just a few of the fields - though again, not for these few tracks. I'll try the Subsonic support forums too, it may be a niggle with Jaudiotagger.