Tagging with the %dummy%

Hello, I have my mp3's with this filename structure :

Artist - Title
Artist (Feat Art 2) - Title
Artist (Feat Art 2) (Feat Art 3) - Title

In the Artist Field, I just use %artist% - %title%
formating and it works.

But in the Album Field, I just want to use %artist% (%dummy%) (%dummy%)
But this doesn't work. I can't click ok.

I can click ok if I have selected ONLY this one file with the proper naming. But I have over 20 000 songs and I have to make the tagger just ignore anything with a bracket if there is one.

any tips ?

thanks for your time

The converter checks the first file in your selection and sees if the pattern (format string) you gave matches the pattern in the filename.

If you want to extract only the first bit from
Artist (Feat Art 2) - Title or
Artist (Feat Art 2) (Feat Art 3) - Title
that part in front of the first bracket then use:

%artist% (%dummy%

I am a little puzzled why you want to put the artist into album ... typo?

Hey there, thanks for your explanations, it worked.

No, there is no typo in there. I have my music setup a bit different than all of you guys. I'm a very pragmatic person, so all the music i have is only the singles i like categorized by mood. i get the album, then strip away all the songs i don't like, then put the remaining songs in genres folders

That way, if i want to listen to a particular mood, then i choose by genres.
If i want to search by artist, then i search in artist field where all the featured ones are there.
If i want to play all songs from a major artist, then i go by album for his singles, ignoring the featured artists. (I used mp3tag to add the word "Singles" after the artist's name in the album field.

I don't have track numbers at all.

hope my explanation makes sense

Organizing a collection by folders allows only one way to access the files, as this is a hierarchical approach.
You do not use the field ALBUMARTIST, I take it - this would be the major artist, I think.

If you have the genre in the folder name, you can put that into the GENRE field with the help of the Convert>Filename-Tag function, e.g.
Pop\Artist (Feat Art 2) - Title

would put "Pop" into genre with this format string:

Usually, players allow more flexible queries than the file system, so filled tag fields are better than a complicated folder structure.