Tagging wrong title?

Hi all,

I am loving MP3 tag and have been manually tagging for a while. I want to start tagging using discogs but it appears to be changing the 'title' field to the wrong title (usually first title on album), below are the steps I am taking:

  • select track
  • dropdown arrow>Discogs
  • check query>search
  • select album>next
  • titles for all tracks on album appear on left> select correct track > correct title is displayed in box at top of window
  • save> notice it has selected first title from album instead of selected title

This is happening for every track :frowning:

mac osx version 1.6.6, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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you would have to align the file on the right so that it matches the position of the entry on the left in the track list.
The first file get the data from the first entry, the second from the second and so on.
In your example, the file would get the data from "Monster Man"

Thats it thank you :slight_smile:

Also, additional question. When searching discogs it automatically fills the search field with the album/artist fields, can I make it automatically search using the filename instead?

If you have the data in the filename, I would use Convert>Filename - Tag first to fill the tag fields and then search discogs.

Thank you so much. I have been looking for a solution for the longest time.

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