Taglist-File import


I didn't find this mentioned anywhere but if I missed it feel free to remove the post.
I want to import tags from a filelist but there was a certain tag (column in the list) that I didn't want imported.
After some tries I found out that %null% as an expression causes the program to skip that tag and move to the next one.
Hopefully it'll be usefull to others too.


Is %null% the same as %dummy%?


Well yep, I was searching for %null% so... :wink:


Have you checked with ALT+T if you have a field NULL = ... ?

%dummy% is used to skip


I am ok, I wanted to skip a tag.
Sebastian just mentioned %dummy% because probably everyone else knew how to use that and I didn't!
%null% behaves exactly like %dummy%. I am not looking for an answer.


I'm sorry, but this is wrong.

Using the %dummy% placeholder is the only way to skip certain tag fields from a format string. You'll get a tag field called NULL when you're using the %null% placeholder. You can remove these NULL fields using the extended tag dialog at
:mt_tag: View > Tags....

Best regards,
~ Florian