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Hi! I am new using Mp3tag but I like using it a lot.

Only one question:

I was using the converter Taglist-file to Tag for a whole day and I was not able to get it runs properly. I tried exporting tags to csv and txt, after I only changed several characters for a track and after I tried to import the taglist-file but nothing changed. I was very mticulous checking the formatstring.

Anybody can help with an example how I can use the import tags via the converter Taglist-file - Tag.

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Assuming your text file looks like this:

The format string for importing should read:


Thanks Sebastian,
But I had just followed the steps you told me and with the formatstring you noted in your answer. Perhaps I might to explain more concisely my problem.

I have the following file:

And the formatstring is:

When the filename (01 [Wassermusik] Ouverture.mp3) appears into tha taglist-file that field is no recognized and is not changed in the column called filename.

However, whether filename is deleted in the taglist-file, the remaining fields are imported as I previously proved and you indicated in your reply.

Another thing I've tried also to use only the filename without extension (01 [Wassermusik] Ouverture) using properly %_filename% in the formatstring but it doesn't run.

Your comments will be much appreciated.


R. Vieira



Why not to import the tags first and then change the filename with tag->filename converter?



I have this proble now, have been using it and then it has stop converting. dosn't want to read and save the data.

Howard Shore - The London Philharmonic Orchestra / Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers / Soundtrack / 2002 / Howard Shore - Reprise / 01 / 01 - The Prophecy.mp3
etc ..

%artist% / %album% / %genre% / %year% / %copyright% / %track% / %title%

"I:\LOTR\LOTR The Fellowship Theme Music\01_The_Prophecy.mp3" ->

"I:\LOTR\LOTR The Fellowship Theme Music\02_Concerning_Hobbits.mp3" ->

"I:\LOTR\LOTR The Fellowship Theme Music\03_The_Shadow_Of_The_Past.mp3" ->

I'm using the the develop version after tryin reinstall, but no luck


It's seems that the %title% causes the most problems when importing from a txt file. Using freedb the title changes with no problem.


For me, it works perfect, even with
%artist% / %album% / %genre% / %year% / %copyright% / %track% / %title%
Which version of Mp3Tag do you use?
Have you tryed the newest developer build?