Tags are different; Tags are the same

I have a new SAMSUNG Galaxy Fascinate.

I just loaded three files with THREE different covers!

When I play the files "from" MP3TAG's program, the covers ARE different for each of the three files, as I designated them.

When I transfer the files to the phone, and then play them on the phone with WMP, the three covers are all the same with the cover for file 3 the one being duplicated on 1 and 2.

What is also "interesting" is that when you look at the little preview box in the lower left-hand corner of WINDOWS EXPLORER, you see the three different pictures depending on the file, but, again, when you PLAY the file, the same picture shows up in each file.

I've attached screen shots of the three individual files AND a fourth shot (Slide FOUR) of one file where I'm also PLAYING the file and you can SEE the difference between what the MP3Tag program is showing and what the PLAYER is showing.

I don't get it.


I am not sure what you are complaining about? Isn't MP3tag working the way you want it?

As for your phone: check if you have a hidden file folder.jpg in the folder of the files.
As a last consequence it may be necessary to move each file to a separate folder as WMP prefers to show the contents of the file folder.jpg

Can't you see from Slide Four that the cover art I attached is NOT the same when you actually play the file? It is replicating the same cover art for all three files, not the ones I specifically attached.

I just tried a different "set" I loaded on the phone and got this result: Played from MP3 Tag program: art I loaded "matches" art displayed in MP3 player; but ON THE PHONE, same art in all three playbacks.


I'll keep working on it and report back.


I do not like your tone. Clear?
Could you check if you have a file called folder.jpg in the folder? Because if that is there then WMP takes that files as the cover picture.
So if your implementation of the WMP insists on the cover.jpg file and you want to have individual files with individual covers you might end up with the necessity to create one folder for each file with a different cover.

1st off: You are the one who has the TONE issue asking me what I'm "complaining" about. This is a HIGHLY sophisticated academic discussion, so, PLEASE, let's drop the "tude" PLEASE and deal with the business at hand.

Let's step back for a moment: The problem is not with WMP, but with playing the files on the SAMSUNG FASCINATE that is using one cover art for all the files in that "album." There is no folder.jpg file.

Samsung Technical Support also suggested I might have to create one folder for each file.

When I tried that, I discovered that by going to ARTISTS, versus ALBUMS, then I could play all three files back-to-back versus having to call up each individual ALBUM by itself. As they say in sports: it's not pretty, but it WORKS!

I don't do this very often: only when I need to use the cover art to list the various selections being played in that file.

I will continue to experiment, for the fun of it, to see if something else works, but I know this does, and again, I don't deal with this issue a lot.

Thanks again. TTFN-Tah-Tah-For-Now!