Tags are not displayed in Mp3tag after saving

I'm most confused because I can't normally edit a mp3 file with this otherwise wonderful tool (i.e Mp3tag). The strange thing is that when I try to edit it starting in the 'ALBUM ARTIST" field, it works!

I want to send the troubled file for you guys to check it, but I am not authorized by the system!

What else can I do?

Yes, it doesn't support uploading random MP3s. We'd have a file-sharing platform soon :slight_smile:

Can you describe what you're trying to do when you're normally editing MP3 file and what doesn't work in this specific case?

Thank you so much for your VERY QUICK reply.
The thing is I try to edit the mp3 file in a normal way (I've done it a thousand times!). I begin with the TITLE field and then the ARTIST field and I click the SAVE button, Nothing happens. I have also deleted the file TAG, but nothing happens. But a few days ago I accidentally found out that when I edit the mp3 file starting on the ALBUMARTIST field, the tag editing works!

Can you post a screenshot of Options > Tags > Mpeg?


OK, here we go: you've enabled ID3v2 solamente si ID3v1... which basically means, that Mp3tag will try to fit everything in an ID3v1 tag, except if it doesn't fit. So if you write to TITLE, Mp3tag will write an ID3v1 tag — which is not enabled at reading and, thus, not visible to you.

In case of ALBUMARTIST it doesn't fit in ID3v1, because ID3v1 doesn't have an ALBUMARTIST field. So Mp3tag will write an ID3v2 tag, which is in turn visible — because ID3v2 is enabled at reading.

What to make out of it? I'd always write ID3v2, disable writing of APEv2 and enable reading of ID3v1 :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will promptly do it!

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could you check the settings for reading, writing and deleting of tags in
and also check what kind of tag versions you have in the files? I suspect some APE tags to be the cause of the trouble.

Edit: apparently, I was a little slow. Please ignore my contribution.

OK! I promise I will do it. Thanks!