Tags aren't saving?


I have been spending several hours tagging my MP3s and on the whole they work, but there about 30 or so tracks which simply won't accept my changes. When I click on the track in MP3tag I can see that the tags have been changed - but in Windows Explorer they don't exist, and the old album, title, etc. are still there. I checked the file properties and they're not 'read only'. The tracks are all normal MP3s. Any help would be greatly appreciated please!

Thank you

In Mp3tag go to View > Customize columns and make sure the column "Tag" is checked.

What do you see in that column for the 30 tracks that don't work and is it any different from the tracks that do work.

Thank you for your reply. I have looked at an untaggable track and it's no different to a taggable one:

From Filename right down to Composer, codec, bitrate, frequency length, modified, etc.

Tag is ticked on both the taggable and untaggable track.

Yes, and what does it say?
(E.g. W7 explorer does not read V2.4 tags.)

Also check the mp3tag settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg:
read V1, V2
Delete V1, V2, APE
Write V2.3 Utf-16

Then copy the tags of an untaggable file with the function from the list-context-menu and paste them immideately afterwards with a function from the context menu.
Check, what WE does.

Sorry I have only just figured out what you meant!

They both seem to say the same: ID3v2.3 (ID3.1 ID3v2.3)

The MP3 settings are as you have written. I'm not sure how to find the list context menu? Sorry I feel very stupid!

Select an untaggable file in the files list.
Right-Click on it - the "context menu" should open.
In this menu you find a function "Copy tag" and also "paste tag" - this is different to ordinary copy&paste commands.

Thanks. I have done this, and no change. Infuriatingly I can see that the 'album' is TAGGED correctly, but Windows Explorer doesn't seem to accept that it is, and doesn't pay attention to the changes I have made.

One step further: please look for the (freeware) application "mp3val" and run a check on one of the untagged files. If this program reports any problems then copy the tag in MP3tag, start the repair in Mp3val, then copy the tag with MP3tag back into the file (this would save you some typing effort if the tag should be reset by the repair).

Oddly, suddenly I've looked back at the album and those tracks have all tagged as they should have - it was before I downloaded and used mp3Val so I don't know what actually worked. But I'm still having no luck with the 'unspecified' album tracks!

I have to do some kind of blindfold chess here as I cannot look over your shoulder.
So please be more specific and describe what you do and what the reactions are.
What did mp3val say about the files?
Did you have to repair them?
Did you reload them in MP3tag?
What do they look like in MP3tag?
Did you press F5 in the explorer?

There is another utility "mp3diags" - which may report in more detail if there is something wrong with the files.

Sorry, this is all very new to me so I don't know what's right oe wrong!

MP3val didn't say anything about the files, suggesting there wasn't a problem with any of them. I must have shut down and restarted WE to show the files had actually tagged, I can't remember. I did what you said with each of them (copying and pasting tags) so perhaps that did the trick. They always look like they have tagged correctly in MP3tag, it's just in WE that the tags do not show - but that's where I really need them to show!

Another attempt:
look for foobar2000.
Load the files into that program.
Select the files in foobar2000
Right-click on the selection
Select Utilities>Rebuild mp3-stream in the context menu.
Next select in that context menu "Fix VBR header".
Check what WE says.

No change! But oddly enough a file I was trying my damndest to sort last night also seems to have magically tagged in the last 24 hours. Perhaps it just takes a while for these things to happen.

Are we talking about Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player?

Windows Explorer

OK, just to sum it all up:
All the files have only V2.3 tags (no V2.4?!).
All tags show the correct information in MP3tag (btw, no that you have foobar: does that program show the correct data?)
No checking program reports any problems.
Rebuilding the mp3-stream and the vbr header does not help.
Some files miraculously show the correct data after some time.
I am more or less at my whit's end.
Or you have not told the whole story.

Yes that's right. I have checked in Foobar and all the tracks show that they have saved the tagging I put on. Perhaps it takes time to update them and I'll turn it on tomorrow and the last few tracks will have changed!

I don't know whether I'm telling the whole story or not! I've never tagged MP3s before and this has taken me hours.

I have also experienced this when tagging files. Also, when copying/moving files they sometimes do not appear where expected.

Manually refreshing the view in Windows Explorer will usually cause the changes to appear.

Right click on a blank space in the folder and click "Refresh", or click on a file or subfolder and press F5.
Restarting WE and/or the computer should also refresh file metadata.

This is possibly related to the Windows Explorer "will not auto-refresh bug", described in this link.
I am not suggesting the use of any of the suggestions described in the linked article.

After some time, all but one of the tags has now saved. In the end I used the software on a different computer and copied and pasted the file to my current laptop and it worked. What a palava! I like this software though and have given a little donation.

Thanks for all your help.